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James of Mithras

James of Mithras is the 27th Sovereign Lord of the House of Mithras.  He was installed into this appointment on 12 June, 1993.


After a duration of military service, Lord James spent several years working in the mental health industry.  His primary focus was on homeless issues and addiction recovery, with secondary focuses on sex offenders, adult male victims of childhood sexual abuse, and adult males in the sex trade.  He has hosted workshops on counselling techniques; taught classes on Twelve Step Programs and the Wild at Heart Program; and has given talks and lectures on "at risk" elements of society, including homeless youth, transgender youth, and prostitutes.


While Lord James still remains passionate about mental health issues, his professional focus has shifted.  Today his calling is on personal and professional development.  He is currently in the process of recruiting a team of future business and community leaders to help facilitate their personal and professional growth.  While this new project will focus on leadership, financial IQ, and communication; there will be a distinct focus on personality profiling, authorship, and principles which he believes will give his team an edge over similar projects.


Lord James has started four businesses, co-authored one book, has sat on the board of two organizations, and is actively involved in the establishment of an act of compassion and achievement award initiative. He has volunteered for several organizations including soup kitchens, environmental preservation organizations, and fundraisers for children's hospitals. He is married with two sons.